These Utopian Socialist Kids

3 things, social media, political economic theory and the scarcity issue.

It’s very common not only in the mentioned country, for us the newcomers to be demotivated or disinterested at times for a methodical employment format and there are these common factors to consider I believe. Social media is today’s tv and it includes everything that shows glamour, leadership and basic sense of accomplishment. From a psychological, sociological and financial perspective, we grew up watching materialistic (we meaning Gen Z and latter generations) instant gratification promising anthem party like work realities. Which of course is absolutely impractical, and comical to assume but, a lie repeated thousand times becomes a truth and 4 years of reading ancient literature or scientific studies still don’t teach the newcomers how daily bread is earned. That is not to blame the near telepathic highly sophisticated and nuanced communication platforms, it’s just how to market turned since 2,000s because the viewers learners of those periods, meaning I and my fellow generations, were breastfed with extreme drama of victorious heroic battles or despaired drudgery of deaths. In other words, imagining the workplace as seen or heard from stories make the normal safe work environment look a bit dull when it comes to filling the average 60–100 hours of labor on a weekly basis.

On a more abstract level, any material accumulation that has an instant or delayed value of financial gains, becomes capital, as in capitalism or as in collecting of richness and wealth. It is mentioned in the earlier texts of how capitalism became what it is, that it is not a stagnant linear process. Meaning, capitalism is not a point of being, a form of existence, like a plastic headphone. It is rather, a transactional point to an inevitable organization, refining and reallocation of those resources. Not to delve too deeply into how that reorganization or redistribution happens, because it involves lots of doubtful yet sadly factual conflict based theories. In other words, it has been published by accomplished economists in the very recent past that the cumulative material possession that is on the books in global reserves have inevitably made production rate slow down. Meaning that, even if the new labor force segments have had the gumption and the grit, some industries, especially that is based on direct creation of physical goods have saturated to the point of no further expansion. Thereby arithmetically requiring a division or subtraction process. This happens over and over in human history with big empires, big heavenly kings or general fraction of royalties and power houses reaching a pointbreak and sadly ending up with a completely different inventory.

Scarcity issue affects how people make decisions related to markets and so on. Although this might be an ancient assumption, still, I think at least on an axiomatic level, it can be considered as a credible ally. If one remembers correctly, before the pandemic began, there were very colorful ideas about how the future was imagined, so bright and gay, it imagined a world were UBI or Universal Basic Income were to be the next step at least on one side. It really picked up some pace at least in rhetoric. That is not someone’s fever dream, it was a fully thought out plan, but of course as everything goes astray, there came the looming random crisis that basically put that thought to bed beside some fever reducers and painkillers on the side. What I’m trying to establish with this point is that, at the lowest level of business decisions, it can be said that if a certain part of the society can earn their monthly basket and some more, including mansions and sport cars by saying things on a 7 second videos or showing their natural born youth attractiveness on a social media platform, alas it can be reasonable to not waste so much energy by “working hard” or “grinding out” or “day in day out” sort of lifestyle. Not saying it is correct, but just mentioning the collective subconscious reasonings of the day.

In summary, being the fast life, comfort seeking instant magical reality requiring generation that they, or we are, combined with the inevitable change factor of wealth and materials accrued over at least 2 centuries more or less transnationally, on top of the current earning power of “non-work” culture millionaire and billionaires, if not the “t-word”, it seems perfectly reasonable that what the co-founder of Whole Foods is suggesting is coming to fruition in no time.

It looks like a disaster theater front seat for previous generations to watch the whole free market economy fall down on its own, by the rules once it held so high, as to rise above the norms, above the mediocre agricultural societies. The wind of fall blows away the hard earned traditional value of interest over time, as the hope of future destroys the golden arches built by sweat, tears and blood of previous generations. Rationally, though it makes sense, ideally it might not, but of course.

However, as nothing lasts forever, after this new generation, definitely, the golden phoenix shall rise from the ashes of the golden gods who burnt down the cathedrals and palaces of the greater generation. Possibly.



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